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Re: Distributed big balls of mud

I'm a fan of microservice architecture, perhaps because I find it natural. It is little more than a rebranding of a type of the simple componentised/service-oriented architectures we've been doing for a while but that doesn't detract from its utility any more than every UI framework throwing "MVC" about makes that pattern less useful.

When a team chooses microservices I think it's important to acknowledge they have at least made a choice. This alone might be the reason their project turns out better than a more de facto monolithic design. For this reason I think it's important to have "trendy" topics so that they can get teams talking about what they're doing.

You could throw Spring, Git, functional programming and just about everything else into the same bucket of hype but I'd still recommend (at least one of) them.

Re: Distributed big balls of mud

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