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Re: You don't have to give up coding

I think it is all about "can't" vs "shouldn't". People think that architects shouldn't code. The reality is that they usually can't because of time pressure and because they can't be experts in every technology. Certainly in the large IT company I work for, no one has ever said I shouldn't code, but the reality is that I really don't have time...

That said, I am grappling right now with how I keep my technical skills without coding, but I think the answer is the difference between understanding a technology (i.e. knowing what it can and can't do, knowing when to use it) and being able to actually use it. Sometimes knowing how to do it is actually a problem- when you are a hammer specialist, everything looks like a nail...

I think as an architect it is ok to just talk the talk, as long as you are humble enough to defer to people who really understand stuff when you need the detail.


Re: You don't have to give up coding

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