Good code isn't enough

Writing code is easy. Writing good code is still relatively easy if you know what you're doing. Yet delivering quality software on time and on budget is a whole different story! Some software teams are just happy continuing to work the way that they've always done whereas others will jump on every new process and technology that they can lay their hands on. Successful delivery is a goal that many software teams still strive for but find hard to achieve, often because they are distracted from focussing on what's important.

This session will look at why delivering a successful software project requires more than simply choosing some technology and throwing it together, showing how you can take the best bits from traditional and modern approaches to form a structured yet lightweight approach to software development. The session will cover the complete end-to-end software development process; from planning, gathering requirements and software architecture through to the effective use of source code control, automated unit testing, continuous integration and load testing. Good code isn't enough.

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