IT projects; if you can't beat them, change the game

Statistically, the IT projects you're involved with at this very moment have a high probability of failing. Maybe deadlines will be missed. Maybe budgets will be blown. Maybe the project won't deliver the intended value because it creates the wrong thing.

If we look specifically at software related IT projects, the majority of these are still executed using a variation of the traditional approach where requirements are gathered, design is done, software is built and the whole lot is hopefully tested before being released into the wild. Along the way you'll probably get hit with a bunch of costly change requests because "that wasn't in the spec". And if the project team isn't too busy, occasionally you'll get a weekly status report to indicate that the project is progressing as planned, although this usually doesn't reflect reality. The situation gets more complicated once you throw outsourcing and fixed-price contracts into the mix too.

This is common across many organisations that initiate IT projects yet, despite the stress and hard work caused by the chaos, they fail to learn from their mistakes and repeat the process next time around. It doesn't make sense. IT projects don't have to be like this and *you* have the power to change the game. Join us to find out how.

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