Slides, etc from our presentations and workshops

Conferences and events

We regularly speak about software development; at events ranging from large conferences through to small user groups and specialist events. The slides from most of the presentations can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed online. They cover a range of topics, from the role of a software architect through to sharing and documenting your architecture. A number of these presentations have been presented at several events but, for brevity, we've only included one version on this page. You should be able to find the other versions on the blog.

Software architecture in an agile world
Does agile need architecture or does architecture actually need agile?
The Frustrated Architect
Software architecture plays a pivotal role in the delivery of successful software yet it's frustratingly neglected by many teams...
Effective Sketches
The code might be the architecture but at some point in time you're going to have to explain how it works, and that's when the whiteboard pens make their appearance...
Load Testing for Developers
Have you ever built a software system and your users have complained that it's too slow? I have...
IT projects; if you can't beat them, change the game
Statistically, the IT projects you’re involved with at this very moment have a high probability of failing...
Software Project SOS
If you believe what you read everywhere, all software teams are writing their applications using the latest technology with a comprehensive set of automated tests on their highly productive agile projects. Unfortunately...
Good code isn't enough
Does good code guarantee a successful project?
Where do you start?
Given a blank sheet of paper and some requirements, where do you start?
A developer's guide to load testing
How can you evaluate software architecture if performance and scalability are important?
Improving software quality with an automated build process
How can automation improve software quality?
Why software projects fail
How can a hands-on software architect help prevent software projects failing?
Pitfalls for new software architects
You're new to the role ... what should you watch out for?
Broadening the T
Software architects need to have a broad range of skills ... but what are they?
Sharing architectures
Documentation is just one option for sharing software architectures; there are many others waiting to be explored.
Documenting your software architecture - why and how?
Why and how should you document software architectures?
From developer to architect
The slides from our (original) 1-day conference workshop that introduces software architecture and the role of a software architect.