London User Group

Download slides, podcasts and watch video from previous sessions.

What is the London User Group?

Our London User Group was born out of our desire to build a community of software architects in London. We wanted to create a forum where aspiring architects can learn about what it means to be a software architect and experienced architects can share ideas with one another.

What's the format?

The format for each user group session is as follows.

  • A short presentation (20-30 minutes).
  • Break (~5 minutes).
  • Roundtable discussion (40-60 minutes).

After the session, we usually retire to a local bar.

What do you talk about?

To stick with the "Coding the Architecture" theme, we talk about the role of the software architect, experiences with software architecture definition and delivery, architecture case studies, etc. As with the content that you will find on the website, our aim is that the user group appeals to aspiring and experienced architects alike, with content that's technical but not necessarily right down at the lowest level of detail.

Can I download the slides?

Yes, here are details of the previous sessions, along with links to download the slides.

Should I come along?

You should come along if :

  1. You're wondering exactly what a software architect does and how to embark on your first software architecture role.
  2. You have something you think others will find interesting and want to talk about (e.g. your first architecture experiences, a case study of an architecture you've been involved with, etc).
  3. You want to meet other likeminded software architects that work in and around London.

If you think it's okay for software architects to code, this user group is for you. Read more about the London User Group or subscribe via RSS RSS feed.

Many thanks to the following organisations that have been kind enough to sponsor the user group.

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