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Re: Layers, hexagons, features and components

Excellent, I'm glad that you picked up on the "Repository" naming thing. :-) But this naming strategy seems very common for some reason. What would you rename the CustomerRepository to? "Customers"?

Again, having a physical separation between the domain and infrastructure parts of the application makes sense, and C# allows you to do this very neatly with the internal visibility modifier. Would you lump all infrastructure implementations (web, database, middleware API) into a single assembly? Or would you have one per adapter?

To achieve physical separation in Java, you would really need to use a module framework (it's the public vs published types thing again) or setup a number of Maven modules/source code projects, and ensure the appropriate dependencies between them. As a number of comments have suggested, I think physical separation is a really important part of implementing the ports & adapters pattern. Why don't people mention this?

Re: Layers, hexagons, features and components

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