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Re: Package by component and architecturally-aligned testing

Cool blog post, I really like your proposed test pyramid. It comes really close to my own mental model of different test classes (although I use the classic terms Unit-, Integration- and Acceptance-Tests).

I switched from package-by-layer style to package-by-feature some years ago. My problem is mostly, that I don't get my dependencies straight and this might lead to some awkward cyclic dependencies between packages.

What do you think about sub-packaging the outside layers inside the feature/component layers? I was thinking about trying something like useCaseA: contains my business classes useCaseA.web: contains the web layer for useCaseA useCaseA.persistence: contains the persistence layer for useCaseA

It's a shame there is no sub-package concept in Java, I think it would allow for some interesting packaging approaches.

Re: Package by component and architecturally-aligned testing

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