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Re: Agility and the essence of software architecture

Nice talk about pragmatic software architecture in general.

What I was missing, though, was a thourough "manifestation" of Agility in the architecture.

Developers experience Aglility as a different process, I´d say. The process focuses on small increments manufactured in short iterations.

Software architecture in this context then should exhibit two properties:
a. make adhering to the process easy
b. mirror the focus of the approach

To me a. means, software structures need to be malleable, fluid, soft, the opposite of monolithic. Because otherwise the frequent "unforseen", "unplanned" changes cannot be accustomed. Microservice and "component thinking" sure help in this regard. But I don´t believe that´s enough.

That´s why I find b. so important. To me it means, increments should be structural elements of software. Increments should be part of the thinking process of the software architect. They should be tangible for the user/customer as well as for the developers.

If increments get dissolved into a mesh of classes/libraries/components/services then the resulting architecture will be hard to understand. Increments should be first class structural elements of software.

This aspect of Agile Architecture I was missing from your presentation.

Re: Agility and the essence of software architecture

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