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Re: Where is the complexity?

Wise post !
I like your Lavoisier-like approach "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" ... about complexity. Though Complexity should actually be encapsulated though innovation.I would go futher you in your thoughts.

For 2 years, Microservices 'concept' is a bunch of contradictions and my impression is still that it looks like a naive approach of sofware design. A fairy tale where everything is simple, in contrast with too complicated previous approaches.
Microservices comforts developpers with reassuring success stories that happened in some prestigious companies.
Today it seems like the #1 (and only) software design need is *scalability*.Other aspects sound like noises and contradictions between different authors : An ESB is "eavy" (but messaging is ok), a JEE container is "eavy" (but embeeding a JEE container in a jar is OK) etc.
I read books, posts, and I find no answer to main small-teams software problematics, e.g. data consistency or criteria for deciding a refactoring into a design or an other.

When it comes to discuss to downsides/issues that creates, we can read paternalistics answers are like e.g. "you should pay attention to cross services transaction" / but no real answer. Don't start with this, Don't do that... But what whe should do is never expained.

I understand that scallability issue must be addressed to specific desingn/ technology. But addressing that spcific need, I'm afraid that Microservices enthousiasts are generalizing to the entire software design spectum.

Its just like issues at infratructure / devops level should be quickly moved to somewhere else. Most probalby the "We Cannot" is stronger that "We should be able, but we'll have bigger problems elswhere". We prefer taking risks in opening possibiliies (even when we actually don't need them), and describe conterparts without having clear answers.

I'm afraid I still didn't find today serious reflexion about risks, real costs, and real functionality needs : do you have some good links discussing that points ? There should be a balance between designs.

I have developed JEE software for 15 years. I understand the good and the bad design. Question : does a structured approach with Microservices exist today ?

Re: Where is the complexity?

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