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Re: Most software developers are not architects

Even though this might be true - is it of relevance to the topic? I doubt it. "Architect" is just a name for a person performing certain activities during software development. And it´s these activities and their relation to the common software developer Simon mused about.

So whether we call the person "(software) architect" or "(software) foobar"... I don´t care much. The activities belong to the engineering mode of software development.

To acknowledge that there are certain activities other than and before coding, to acknowledge they require certain skills that´s important, I think.

For now it seems ok, to call the person performing these activities "(software) architect". If that´s not allowed anymore... well, then we can look for another term. That would be the last responsible moment to start the search. All else might as well be just wasting time.

PS: I doubt "doctor" is a regulated term. There are so many product/company names containing "doctor" that some lawyer would have sent them a written warning.

Re: Most software developers are not architects

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