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@James Roper: need to 24GB -> 512MB: isn't this a JVM issue?

>> James said: I once inherited a service that had a "memory leak", and had to be restarted every day. So, I looked at the maximum heap size, it was 24GB. I changed it to 512MB, and the problem went away. The memory leak was that the JVM was never garbage collecting, but rather just increasing its heap size until the OS refused, and then it threw out of memory errors.

To me, this looks more of a JVM design (or coding) issue. Why not subscribe to the OS notification that the memory is low, and do a collection then? Even if low-memory notification is not supported, then do a collection before returning the OOM condition to the app.
There is enough information for the VM to do the right thing, and not require human intervention.

@James Roper: need to 24GB -> 512MB: isn't this a JVM issue?

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