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Re: The frustrated architect

IMO, The role of a software architect should be a career evolution for a developer.

I've seen numerous times where a developer is exceptional at what he does and the company moves the developer into a management position. Huh? How does that work?

Moving from developer to architect should be based on the breadth of knowledge that the developer has achieved over their career. I've also seen kids come out of college and deem themselves as "architects."

I consider these individuals as having "book smarts", but not "street smarts." They've never experienced how to optimize a web server (or code) or refactor existing code into a strategy pattern or even unit test with mocking frameworks...under pressure.

The agile skill set is something I would consider secondary (or even tertiary as this point). As you've stated, "it's still the new shiny kid in town" and if you have that skill set, then you are ahead of curve with some of the other architects.

Nowadays, it seems you need to find a developer who knows how to code. :-)

Re: The frustrated architect

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