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Re: The role of the software architect (video, part 1)

That's right ... if those skills and are already available within the team, and those team members have the appropriate authority, then that team doesn't need an architect. Of course, this doesn't take into account that stuff can fall between the gaps when you don't have a single person responsible for the "architecture".

Your comment makes absolute sense in that there must be some architectural awareness on many/most teams, but I still don't see many teams explicitly think about their non-functional requirements upfront and factor them into their designs. I agree and have seen developers that have had architectural awareness (they are typically the people that attend our architecture course), but they rarely have the authority to contribute to the architecture. Often they don't step forward, and other times they are ignored. I'm definitely behind encouraging everybody on the team to become more architecturally aware! :-)

Re: The role of the software architect (video, part 1)

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