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Re: Why aren't software architects held accountable?

Thank you Kevin for your reply, and I could be agree with you. It's a complex discussion but I share also your opinion.

The only comment that I think can be useful is that in the case that architects have to be unaccountable (I'm talking about System and Software architect): the team must contain a role that clearly can hold that for the architects.

Often Simon talk about failure or delivery problems of a solutions because everyone think that the Project Manager hold (alone or with his teams) all details to address and solve all issues. But rarely happen that the architects pointed out clear requirements that are a "warranty" of success if the Project Manager doesn't have similar experiences.

My experience was that in software development the Project Manager,and often also Software Architect, use to think that every issue could be solved writing code... At Enterprise level like SMB level.

Thank you again for your fast reply,

Re: Why aren't software architects held accountable?

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