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Re: Has Agile become a dirty word?

I believe any process can succeed if everyone is invested and educated in it. Do I prefer agile over waterfall... certainly.

As for the dirty word. Any term becomes a dirty word when consulting companies start increasing their revenue by selling the term's value. We've gone through this with RUP, CMM, Six Sigma... the list goes on. There has to be a problem, and there needs to be a matching solution. If agile matches, then it should be applied; otherwise move along.

I find so many people using agile tools thinking that makes them agile. They ask how the tool expects them to work believing that following that answer will make them agile. Being agile is more about asking why a lot, focusing on delivered value, and adapting to the real needs of the customer and the team.

I'm currently guiding an agile implementation, but I didn't explain agile for a year until I'd shown them that standing meetings helped with communication, backlogs helped with prioritization, and source control was important for scaling the team. I had to build credibility with real solutions before invoking a vague term and filling in the gaps.

Re: Has Agile become a dirty word?

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