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Re: Role Profile for Software Architects

Very helpful post in determining where I am on the architecture career path, thanks!

I've been building (predominantly) database-driven web applications in the Java/J2EE arena for 8 years and currently class myself as a Technical Team Lead having just led a greenfield software team that's built a b2b/b2c business directory search engine with "Web 2.0" social networking aspects (gotta love the pointy heads!).

I had the part-time help of an Architect on various aspects of the project and this discussion neatly categorises those areas that I was solely responsible for and those that were a collaborative effort where the two of us would bounce ideas around.

IMHO, having the presence of another senior technical resource (albeit on a consultancy basis) meant that very few mistakes were made in terms of technical direction/architecture as we were generally always able to correct each other before paddling the wrong way up the proverbial creek.

Re: Role Profile for Software Architects

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