Strategies for reintroducing architecture into agile software development teams

The IT industry is either taking giant leaps ahead or it's in deep turmoil. On the one hand we're pushing forward, reinventing the way that we build software, striving for agility and craftsmanship at every turn. On the other though, we're continually forgetting the good of the past and software teams are still failing on an alarmingly regular basis. Software architecture plays a pivotal role in the delivery of successful software yet it's often neglected by many teams. Whether performed by one person or shared amongst the team, the software architecture role exists on even the most agile of teams yet the balance of up front and evolutionary thinking often reflects aspiration rather than reality. This session will explore the importance of software architecture and the consequences of not thinking about it, before looking at some approaches that can be used to reintroduce software architecture to agile software development teams ... even those that don't think they need it.

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