The journey to becoming a 21st century software architect

Applying the building metaphor to software doesn't necessarily work, although in medieval times the people that architected buildings were the select few that made into the exclusive society of master builders. The clue here is in the name, and a master builder really was a master of their craft. Once elevated to this status though, did the master builder continue to build or was that task left to those less noble?

Fast-forward several hundred years and it seems we're asking the same question about software development. Thankfully the days of PowerPoint architects providing architecture as a service to software development teams are rapidly coming to an end. And rightly so, because software development isn't a relay sport and delivering a successful software project isn�t an "implementation detail". Where does this leave us then?

In this talk you'll hear what the software architecture role should look like on modern software development teams and understand how you can move into it.

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