Going global in a digital world

Up until three years ago I'd been a permanent employee at a number of IT consulting companies for the entirety of my career. Now I'm a freelancer with clients in over 20 countries. I work with teams at small digital startups through to global household names, advising them how to build better software. In an increasingly digital world where you're no longer restricted by physical boundaries, the marketplace for any business is now truly global. Channels such as social media and blogging provide you with a voice on that global stage, but of course everybody is trying to do the same thing. So just how has a freelancer living on a small rock in the English Channel managed to gain such an international client base? Join me to hear my story about becoming self-employed and my secrets to winning business beyond our fair shores. I'll also talk about language barriers, culture, pricing, taxes, taxis and the work-life balance. If I've managed to do this, you can too.

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