What is "Coding the Architecture"?

"Coding the Architecture" is a website and community for hands-on, pragmatic software architects. Here you'll find content and discussion about architecture and the role of an architect, along with our experiences of undertaking that role.

We also offer training, coaching and consulting in software development.

Why did we create it?

"Coding the Architecture" was created for a number of reasons.

  1. We believe that although the role of a software architect isn't purely technical, it is okay to do some coding. We want to promote this view as the rule rather than the exception.
  2. There is a lack of information for developers that are looking to move into software architect roles. Now that we're in a position to do so, we want to help aspiring architects understand more about the role. We hope that our own experiences will be an interesting and accessible source of information.
  3. We want to reduce the gap between developers and architects; increasing developers' architectural awareness and knocking down the ivory towers where many architects seem to hide. Everybody needs to understand architecture in order that they can't write code that is "compliant" with the overall vision. Architecture isn't just for architects.

Why the name?

"Coding the Architecture" was chosen as the name because it reflects :

  • That the architect should (or at least be able to) get involved with the hands-on coding activities.
  • That delivering an executable reference architecture (or vertical stripes, spikes, etc) is essential for proving the architecture and justifying the non-functional requirements.
  • That coding the architecture is more important that only documenting it, particularly in the fast moving, deadline-driven world that we live in.
  • That the code *is* the architecture. ;-)

Who are we?

We are all hands-on software architects with experience across many different types of systems and business areas, although we primarily work within the finance industry.

The usual disclaimers apply; the opinions you see here might not necessarily reflect those of our employers and this site isn't affiliated with them either.