Sam Dalton


Sam is an independent Technical Architect working in Central London. His speciality is Enterprise Java Systems, with which he has architected and developed systems for the Financial Services, Retail, and Logistics industries.
He has co-written several books on the subject of Enterprise Java and is a keen speaker at conferences.

E-mail : sam.dalton at

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Question of the week
As mentioned last week, we are going to be sharing questions that we get asked that seem applicable to the CTA audience. Feel free to e-mail us your questions or use the Google Group. This weeks question is from a new hands-on technical architect. ...
Podcast #2 : QCon revisited
As promised the 2nd CTA podcast is a roundtable discussion between some of the CTA contributors - namely Simon Brown, Sam Dalton and Kevin Seal. In this podcast we discuss some of the themes emerging from the recent QCon conference held in London and our ...
Has Agile become a dirty word?
A few years ago, Agile was everywhere. There were books galore, articles in the technology press, tracks at conferences etc. That is not to say that it has gone away, but a few years ago everything was being sold and hyped as being Agile. Things from ...
The First CTA Podcast
As mentioned at the last user group, the members of the Coding the Architecture website have decided to start producing some podcasts. This was born out of a request to make the user group sessions available to people that could not attend the actual ...
Architecture as a Separate Function
Back in 2006 we wrote about how Architects are Part of the Team and shouldn't sit in ivory towers. This entry addresses some of the problems that arise when this is not the case. In several organisations that I have been exposed to the architects sit ...
Architecture - the missing link between sales and delivery?
Having worked in a number of consultancy organisations I have plenty of experience of projects (or people) being mis-sold by sale teams and the delivery side of the organisation having to pick up the pieces. Often this is in the form of working people ...
Book Review - Understanding Enterprise SOA
If ever there was an overused three-letter acronym, SOA would be it. Sadly few people that use the acronym actually understand what it really means. Managers think that it is the answer to all of their problems ("Let's just get one of those SOA things ...
Understanding Enterprise SOA
I am currently reading Manning's Understanding Enterprise SOA. This book aims to give technologists and business people an intergrated picture of the issues and their interdependencies using a continuing case study. I hope to get a "beyond the hype" ...