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Simon lives in Jersey (the largest of the Channel Islands) and works as an independent consultant, helping teams to build better software. His client list spans over 20 countries and includes organisations ranging from small technology startups through to global household names. Simon is an award-winning speaker and the author of Software Architecture for Developers - a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility. He still codes too. You can tweet Simon at @simonbrown.

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Voxxed interview and 20% discount on my Parleys course
Voxxed have just published a short interview with me about software architecture, sketches, agile and my "Software Architecture for Developers" training course on Parleys where I answer the following questions: You're an independent consultant - have ...
Why isn't the architecture in the code?
In response to my System Context diagram as code post yesterday was this question: @simonbrown why is that information not already in the system's code?— Nat Pryce (@natpryce) January 12, 2015 I've often asked the same thing and, if the ...
System Context diagram as code
As I said in Resolving the conflict between software architecture and code, my focus for this year is representing a software architecture model as code. In Simple Sketches for Diagramming Your Software Architecture, I showed an example System Context ...
Models, sketches and everything in between
Eoin Woods (co-author of the Software Systems Architecture book) and I presented a session at the Software Architect 2014 conference titled Models, sketches and everything in between, where we discussed the differences between diagrams and models for ...
Shneiderman's mantra
I attended a fantastic talk about big data visualisation at the YOW! 2014 conference in Sydney last month (slides), where Doug Talbott talked about how to understand and visualise large quantities of data. One of the things he mentioned was Shneiderman's ...
Resolving the conflict between software architecture and code
So, 2015 ... happy new year! 2014 was a busy year with workshops, conferences and consulting gigs in countries ranging from Iceland to Australia. I'd like to say a huge thank you to everybody who made 2014 so much fun. Software architecture vs code ...
Agility and the essence of software architecture
I'm just back from the YOW! conference tour in Australia (which was amazing!) and I presented this as the closing slide for my Agility and the essence of software architecture talk, which was about how to create agile software systems in an agile way. ...
Speaking in Australia - YOW! 2014
For my final trip of the year, I'm heading to Australia at the end of this month for the YOW! 2014 series of conferences. I'll be presenting Agility and the essence of software architecture in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Plus I'll be running my ...
Simple sketches for diagramming your software architecture
If you’re working in an agile software development team at the moment, take a look around at your environment. Whether it’s physical or virtual, there’s likely to be a story wall or Kanban board visualising the work yet to be started, in progress and ...
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