Kevin Seal


Kevin has been working with Java for 10 years, in defence research through dot com to investment banking. Currently he works at JPMorgan developing front-office trading solutions.

While getting on well with server-side Java, Kevin's also a keen Swing developer (and possibly masochist).

E-mail : kevin.seal at

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QCon London 2010
After running the abridged version of the software architecture for developers course at QCon London on Monday with Simon, I returned for the conference "proper". QCon felt quite diverse this year, running tracks on Agile, Java, .NET, architecture, ...
Also speaking at Software Architect 2009
As Simon's already indicated, we'll be presenting at Software Architect 2009 in London. We'll be running the CTA one-day workshop and Simon will be presenting two sessions on some of the skills typically required of software architects. I'll be ...
Is your development process about to be eroded?
The following quote from The Economist (Jan 3rd-9th) provides a reasonable analogy for what some development teams are experiencing as once free-flowing technology investment starts to dry up: For the more curmudgeonly sort of older manager, the ...
There's nothing new under the Sun...
Ah, writing frameworks - the most noble of pastimes for experienced developers! I've written my fair share of frameworks over the course of my career in software development: workflow, integration, content management, validation, data-binding, ...
Conway's Law
Conway's Law is an underrated, or at least, underused design observation. In short, it asserts that: Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure. ...
London User Group - October 2008
Here are the details of the October London User Group. Title : Testing as an Architectual Concern Summary : In this session, Kevin Seal will present some recent experiences of testing a JavaEE project and how coverage was a double-edged sword, unit ...
Testing Times
Having recently taken another look at my project's unit testing strategy I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on how I see unit testing as just another force on the system's design. As such it needs to be weighed in the balance with the other forces. ...
Style on top of substance...
As seasoned techies, many architects aren't automatically comfortable giving presentations. Ironically, our ability to abstract and describe complex information makes us better suited to doing them than we like to think, providing we understand the ...
The Four Stages of Learning
I've found many parallels with the four stages of learning in software development, from how a developer's approach to design changes to how agile teams eventually become self-organising (eg, Scrum's "readiness levels"). By understanding where someone is ...
Common sense...
I've just spent a day helping out on a project I had some involvement with last year. For some reason it apparently puts people's minds at ease when an old face gets involved (actually, my face isn't that old - perhaps I mean't "a familiar face"?) ...