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Kenneth RoperKenneth Roper is a development team leader at tier-1 investment bank. He is interested in applications with low-latency requirements or large memory footprints. He spends a lot of time reading garbage collection logs and snow reports.

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The Other Interface
One of the most succinct definitions of a technical architect is: a technologist who is responsible for a system meeting its Non-Functional Requirements. What are often perceived as the most interesting NFRs relate to performance, stability and ...
The Enid Blyton effect
An architect's role often includes defining the use of development tools and process. One such tool which I value greatly is a wiki. For those of us used to developing with an in-team wiki, it's very hard to imagine not using one. Of course, there ...
The joy of sets
I've recently seen impressive performance gains in a data-centric process, which is a generic enough concept to be of general interest. Imagine a system which consolidates the trades done in 10 different branches of a supermarket chain. We receive ...
JVM Lies: The OutOfMemory Myth
There are times when an OutOfMemoryError means exactly what it says. Try adding new objects to an ArrayList in a while(true) loop and you'll see what I mean. However, there are times when it doesn't. Recently, when I saw a vital supporting application ...
The Clash of the Paradigms
I recently came across a subtle anti-pattern which has caused me some pains. This occurred in a successful application used extensively throughout a large financial corporation. It is a library, which is implemented in C++, but usable from several ...