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Back in March I spoke at QConLondon 2013 on the topic of "Modern Legacy Systems". The video, along with synchronised slides, is now available here. Having just re-watched it I am reminded that I need to work on my timings for presentations (to avoid being gesticulated at to hurry up).

This is especially the case as I'm giving an updated version at Skills Matter as an In The Brain talk. Hope to see you there!

About the author

Robert Annett Robert works in financial services and has spent many years creating and maintaining trading systems. He knows far more about low latency data systems and garbage collection than is good for anyone. He likes to think of himself as a pragmatist who loves technology but uses what's appropriate rather than what's cool.

When not pouring over data connections or tormenting interviewees with circular reference questions, Robert can be found locked in his shed with an impressive collection of woodworking tools.

E-mail : robert.annett at codingthearchitecture.com

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