Software Architecture for SharePoint Developers

A SharePoint focussed two-day training course about software architecture

I wrote a blog entry recently titled SharePoint projects need software architecture too that generated a fair amount of buzz. As a follow-up, I'm looking at partnering with Andrew Woodward of 21apps to create a SharePoint focussed version of my two-day "Software Architecture for Developers" training course. Andrew is a SharePoint MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) and has a great deal of experience in SharePoint, ranging from the development through to the governance of SharePoint implementations and everything in-between.

Effective architecture sketches

In my limited experience of the SharePoint ecosystem, I've seen "SharePoint" and "software development" mix like oil and water. Andrew and I would like to change this. If such a course interests you, please let us know by taking the very short survey that Andrew has created at Software Architecture for “SharePoint” Developers. Thanks!

p.s. here's a preview of the training course slides

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Simon is an independent software development consultant specialising in software architecture and the author of Software Architecture for Developers. Simon lives in Jersey and regularly speaks to audiences around the world. You can find Simon on Twitter at @simonbrown and .

Re: Software Architecture for SharePoint Developers

A brave read it is Simon, you make a great point. Does the course still stand?

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