v3 of the book is published

A practical and pragmatic guide to software architecture

A quick note to say that v3 of Software Architecture for Developers, the book has been published and is available to buy/download. The list of essays is as follows:

11th March 2012
  • Software architecture is a platform for conversation
  • C4: context, containers, components and classes
  • The code doesn’t tell the whole story
  • Mind the gap
  • Just enough up front design
3rd March 2012
  • You don’t need a UML tool
  • Architectural constructs
  • Start with the big picture
  • Collaborative design
  • It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission
21st February 2012
  • What is architecture?
  • Types of architecture?
  • What is software architecture?
  • Architecture vs design
  • What is the big picture?
  • Strategy rather than code
  • Is software architecture important?

You can buy Software Architecture for Developers, the book now on leanpub.com and all future updates are free.

About the author

Simon is an independent consultant specializing in software architecture, and the author of Software Architecture for Developers (a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility). He’s also the creator of the C4 software architecture model and the founder of Structurizr, which is a collection of open source and commercial tooling to help software teams visualise, document and explore their software architecture.

You can find Simon on Twitter at @simonbrown ... see simonbrown.je for information about his speaking schedule, videos from past conferences and software architecture training.

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