Also speaking at Software Architect 2009

29th September - 1st October 2009, London

As Simon's already indicated, we'll be presenting at Software Architect 2009 in London.

We'll be running the CTA one-day workshop and Simon will be presenting two sessions on some of the skills typically required of software architects.

I'll be presenting a session on my day (and the occasional evening and night) job, working on a financial trading application. The focus will be on the client-side architecture of the desktop application, showing a few examples of how client and server development have similar concerns and solutions, but also where they are different and benefit from different techniques.

We've covered most of these concerns in various posts on this site, from development methodology to service-oriented designs and approaches to logging. With the return of rich applications (albeit "zero install" and/or running in a browser, plugin or mobile device) it's worth considering which design decisions are based on an understanding of this domain or simply inherited from lessons learned working server-side.

The schedule for SA2009 is looking good, so hopefully we'll be able to provide an overview of the discussions and presentations from this year's conference.

About the author

Kevin has been working with Java for 10 years, in defence research through dot com to investment banking. Currently he works at JPMorgan developing front-office trading solutions.

While getting on well with server-side Java, Kevin's also a keen Swing developer (and possibly masochist).

E-mail : kevin.seal at

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