Java for .NET developers

Download the slides from my DevWeek 2009 session

Once again, thanks to everybody that came along to my Java for .NET developers talk at DevWeek 2009 last week. As I said during the session, I wanted to provide a good general overview along with some content that went beyond the basics, which is why I decided to include some slides after the DevWeek books were printed. For those of you not there; the session went through an overview of Java, getting Java, building a hello world application, IDEs and tooling, an Eclipse demo, an overview of Java webapps, some beyond the basics material (JVM flags, garbage collection tuning, monitoring/management with JConsole, ClassLoaders/isolation) and some recommended paths to get started. As I promised, here's the link to download the slides...

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Simon is an independent software development consultant specialising in software architecture and the author of Software Architecture for Developers. Simon lives in Jersey and regularly speaks to audiences around the world. You can find Simon on Twitter at @simonbrown and .

Re: Java for .NET developers

Thank you Simon for sharing :) ,, Can you share a video link for the session?

Re: Java for .NET developers

Thanks. Unfortunately the session wasn't recorded, so there is no video. If I get the chance to present it again, I'll see what I can do.

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