London User Group - October 2008

Testing as an Architectural Concern

Here are the details of the October London User Group.

  • Title : Testing as an Architectual Concern
  • Summary : In this session, Kevin Seal will present some recent experiences of testing a JavaEE project and how coverage was a double-edged sword, unit testing a blessing and a curse, and a pragmatic mix of test approaches was eventually invaluable in refining the architecture and development process.
  • Date : Wednesday, 29th October 2008
  • Time : 18:30-20:00
  • Location : Skills Matter, 1 Sekforde Street
  • Format : Presentation and discussion, with further discussion in a local pub (The Crown).
  • Cost : Free, but registration is required.

Skills Matter
Many thanks to Skills Matter for sponsoring the user group.

About the author

Kevin has been working with Java for 10 years, in defence research through dot com to investment banking. Currently he works at JPMorgan developing front-office trading solutions.

While getting on well with server-side Java, Kevin's also a keen Swing developer (and possibly masochist).

E-mail : kevin.seal at

Re: London User Group - October 2008

If anyone's got any discussion topics relating to testing that they'd like to address, then please feel free to post them up here; hopefully we'll be able to get the discussion to pass through them!

I'm quite interested in whether unit testing is an achievable practice without an experienced development team, so any experiences in relation to this would be welcome.

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