The First CTA Podcast

The First of Many!

As mentioned at the last user group, the members of the Coding the Architecture website have decided to start producing some podcasts.

This was born out of a request to make the user group sessions available to people that could not attend the actual session. As such the first podcast is a recording of the user group that took place on 4th March in London.

You can download the podcast here, and if you have iTunes you can download the enhanced podcast - including all of the presentation slides - here. You can subscribe to all of our podcasts using this feed, and we will considering adding this to the iTunes Podcast Directory in the future once we have a few episodes recorded.

Look out for more podcasts from us in the very near future. In the meantime please let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for future podcasts.

About the author

Sam is an independent Technical Architect working in Central London. His speciality is Enterprise Java Systems, with which he has architected and developed systems for the Financial Services, Retail, and Logistics industries.
He has co-written several books on the subject of Enterprise Java and is a keen speaker at conferences.

E-mail : sam.dalton at

Re: The First CTA Podcast

Is there a feed for the enhanced files as well as the normal ones?

Re: The First CTA Podcast

Watch this space. There will be a seperate feed for each sort of podcast that will also be seperate from the main CTA feed (to keep everything nice and clean)

Re: The First CTA Podcast

Excellent idea! Especially for those of us in other parts of the world.

Re: The First CTA Podcast

Thanks guys! That was really a great initiative. Just a small constructive critic. Sound quality is not very good, however it is just the first podcast. Great stuff!!

Re: The First CTA Podcast

Thanks! Re: Sound quality it was recorded with one small omni-directional mic which in retrospect could have been placed better ;) We'll get there with the sound quality in future with any luck.

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