Architecture tutorial @ QCon London 2008

Just a quick note to say that, in just over a week, Kevin Seal and myself are running an all-day tutorial at QCon London 2008. Entitled Coding the Architecture : From Developer to Architect, this tutorial explains what architecture is and how to architect a software system.

This session is an interactive introduction to software architecture and what it means to be a software architect. It's aimed at software developers who are looking towards their first software architect role, as well as architects that are new to the role. By attending this session you will gain:
  • An understanding of what it means to be a software architect and the responsibilities associated with the role.
  • An understanding of the trade-offs that are made when making architectural decisions.
  • Some experience of what it feels like to be an architect on a bespoke software development project; including gathering non-functional requirements, determining the drivers for architecture and defining an architecture.
  • An understanding that, as a software architect, it's okay to do some coding.
The session is interactive; with a combination of presentation, group discussion and group working. Throughout the day you'll be solidifying everything you learn by defining the architecture for a small software system. The overall goal is that you can take the experience gained here and apply it to your own projects.

This should be quite a fun day and we're really looking forward to it. If you're reading this and would like to attend but can't, do get in touch and maybe we can sort a re-run out.

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Simon is an independent consultant specializing in software architecture, and the author of Software Architecture for Developers (a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility). He’s also the creator of the C4 software architecture model and the founder of Structurizr, which is a collection of open source and commercial tooling to help software teams visualise, document and explore their software architecture.

You can find Simon on Twitter at @simonbrown ... see for information about his speaking schedule, videos from past conferences and software architecture training.

Re: Architecture tutorial @ QCon London 2008

It would be great for me to attend as I am a senior developer in the process of making the transition to solution architect in my workplace. Are there any weekend sessions?

Re: Architecture tutorial @ QCon London 2008

No weekend sessions planned, I'm afraid.

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