London User Group - December 2007

From Developer to Architect

Here are the details of the December Coding the Architecture London User Group.

  • Title : From Developer to Architect
  • Summary : The transition from software developer to software architect is often shrouded in mystique and few people talk about it. But what does it really mean to be an architect and how does it differ from being a developer? Join us for this session where a number of hands-on software architects share their experiences of when they took on their first architecture role. This is your opportunity to find out exactly what "being an architect" is all about.
  • Date : Thursday, 6th December 2007
  • Time : 18:30-20:00
  • Location : Skills Matter, 1 Sekforde Street
  • Format : Presentation followed by a breakout for discussion, with further discussion in a local pub (The Crown).

As a little early Christmas present, we'll be giving away a few books, courtesy of O'Reilly and Pearson Education. Come along for a chance to win one of them.

SOA in Practice SOA in Practice
Next Generation Java Testing Implementation Patterns

Update (30th November) : We also have a free 3 day conference pass to QCon London 2008 to give away.

Please sign-up on the Skills Matter website.

About the author

Simon is an independent consultant specializing in software architecture, and the author of Software Architecture for Developers (a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility). He’s also the creator of the C4 software architecture model and the founder of Structurizr, which is a collection of open source and commercial tooling to help software teams visualise, document and explore their software architecture.

You can find Simon on Twitter at @simonbrown ... see for information about his speaking schedule, videos from past conferences and software architecture training.

Re: London User Group - December 2007

Hi Simon, Have you thought about starting a Facebook group for this? Just a thought. Dave

Re: London User Group - December 2007

Like this one? ;-)

Re: London User Group - December 2007

Yes, just like that one! I searched for it first but if you include the word London in your search it doesn't show up. Stupid Facebook :)

Re: London User Group - December 2007

Don't U wish U had an unlimited budget for books? So many books so little money!

Re: London User Group - December 2007

Yes. BTW, "High Performance Web Sites" looks excellent - I had a flick through it a couple of nights ago. Imagine a book filled with all those tips you've picked up over the years about building web sites.

Re: London User Group - December 2007

I have a copy of the High Performance Websites book and have found it a very interesting read. The contents follows exactly what can be viewed in the presentation on Yahoo Theater ( but it is nice having it all printed down. Hope to see everyone on the 6th Dec. As just a lowly software developer I will be interested in finding out more about peoples experiences making the leap to software architect. Look forward to seeing you all there!

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