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Are we talking about the same thing?

We all know that the meaning of the "technical architect" role is ambiguous and varies depending on who you talk to, but what about the name of the role itself? Here's a list of the role titles I've come across here in the UK, grouped where I think they are similar.

  • Application level : Technical Architect, Application Architect, Solution Architect.
  • System level : Technical Architect, System Architect, Solution Architect.
  • Others : Enterprise Architect (business and technology strategy), Infrastructure Architect (hardware and networks), Data Architect, Functional Architect, Security Architect, Information Architect.

There are probably many more that I've missed and you can already see the same title being used to describe different scales of architecture. However, what I'd really like is a view of the titles that are used at the application and system levels across the world and across different verticals. Leave a comment if you've seen another title in use, particularly if you're in the US.

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Re: Role titles across the world

There is an interesting article published on Microsofts' Skyscrapr, which tries to address this issue and might be of value here. I guess many people with an "architect" word in their title struggle a bit to come with consistent way of naming the traits of their software architect role ;)

Re: Role titles across the world

Thanks, that's a useful link. Interesting to see Infrastructure Architect synonymous with Systems Architect, I've not come across that before.

Re: Role titles across the world

Here's another good article depicting some of the roles of architects within software development.

Re: Role titles across the world


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